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Chinese Dictionaries and Learning Tools

Adsotrans - Enter Chinese to get it annotated with pinyin and English translations.

CantoDict Project - Cantonese dictionary from

CCDICT - Multiple options for search the CCDICT dictionary. - Chinese-English dictionary, Character dictionary, and Hakka dictionary.

Chinese Dictionary - Translate Chinese to/from English and European languages.

Chinese English Lookup - Dictionary software for Windows - helpful for learners. - Simplified and traditional characters, English, and French.

CJEDictionary - Downloadable dictionary that works with the free CEDICT.

English-Chinese - Output in your choice of encoding.

MDBG Dictionary - Search by Chinese, pinyin or English definition.

NCIKU - Lookup a Chinese character by drawing it.

Primezero - English to Chinese, traditional to simplified, etc.

Pristine Lexicon - Chinese to English, English to Chinese.

The Papillon Project - Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Lao, and Thai.