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Chinese Learning Software

Instant Speak Chinese - Personalized Chinese lessons with over 100 modules and audio flash cards.

Flash Card Software - Free program for learning vocabulary.

Start Chinese - Comprehensive study tool for beginners and senior learners to learn real world Chinese.

Flash cards - Chinese character flashcards with 1000 most frequently used characters.

Flash Cards - View flash cards online, or print them with MS Word.

Flash cards (requires Java2) - Same as above, with improvements. Requires Java.

Phone Flashcards - Learn with Chinese flashcards on your cell phone.

Pinyin Master - Interactive tutorial of Mandarin pronunciation and pinyin (fee).

Rosetta Stone - Popular but expensive Mandarin software. Buy from Amazon for discount.

Speak Good Chinese - Software for improving pronunciation with speech recognition. - Learn to speak and read Chinese with this 2 part software series.

Standard Mandarin - Software for learning Chinese pronunciation with pinyin (fee). - Another popular but expensive software for Mandarin (fee).

Transparent Language - Another popular but expensive software for Mandarin (fee).