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Chinese Lessons Online

Mandarin Chinese Lessons - Free online Mandarin Chinese lessons from LearnChineseEZ.

Cantonese Help Sheets - Learn Cantonese with flashcards, dictionary, forum, and more.

Clear Chinese - Free Mandarin lessons, a Chinese character course, MP3 downloads, etc.

Chinese for Australia - Chinese course from Monash University in Australia.

Chinese Tools - Extensive Mandarin Chinese lessons. - Mandarin Podcasts

Real Chinese - Mandarin Lessons from the BBC.

Better Chinese - Learn Chinese through stories. For children. - Online Chinese lessons from the Confucius Institute.

Chinese 130 - Learning material from an actual Yale University Chinese course.

Chinese Bay - Some free Cantonese lessons and an online chat room.

Chinese Course - Learn Mandarin Chinese with online flashcards.

Chinese Dialects - Overview of Chinese dialects.

Chinese Learner - Mandarin lessons - reading, writing, grammar, and speaking.

Chinese Lessons - Mandarin and Cantonese

Languages on the Web - Cantonese language learning resources and links.

Chinese Outpost - Chinese language lessons and resources.

Chinese Phrases for Travelers - Teaches some very simple but useful travel phrases.

Chinese Picture Dictionary - Visuals to go along with above Yale course. - Chinese listening materials to improve comprehension.

Clear Chinese - Mandarin Chinese lessons by Dr Xie Tianwei.

Conversational Mandarin - The same Mandarin Chinese lessons by Dr Xie Tianwei.