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Chinese Lessons Online

Cantonese Lessons - Free online Cantonese lessons from LearnChineseEZ.

ActiveChinese - Interactive Mandarin lessons with downloadable materials, live tutors, and more. - Teaches reading, writing and speaking at the same time.

FSI Cantonese Course - Language courses by the Foreign Service Institute. A bit old, but free.

FSI Mandarin Course - Same as above, but for Mandarin.

How to learn Cantonese - by

How to learn Mandarin - by

How to Order Chinese Food - How to order Chinese food in Chinese.

Learning Chinese Online - Collection of Chinese learning resources by Dr. Xie of CSU Long Beach. - FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Mandarin lessons online.

Mandarin Numbers - Learn to count in Mandarin with a professor at University of Maine. - Includes tools for learning Chinese.

Min MultiMedia Chinese Lessons - Learn how to read, write and speak Chinese.

MIT OpenCourseWare - Public access to language courses (including Chinese) from MIT. - Theme based Chinese lessons. - Cantonese words and useful links. - Learn Chinese characters while reading Chinese proverbs.

Oxford University - Free Chinese lessons from Center for Teaching Chinese at Oxford.

Putonghua for Beginners - Learn simple phrases from Hong Kong Virtual Language.

Quick Mandarin - Learn Chinese tones, pinyin, characters, etc.

Simple Chinese - Learn basic phrases and characters.

Survival Chinese - Audio tutorial of basic Chinese phrases from professor Yuan of WKU.

Learn Chinese - Chinese language learning resources and links, including Chinese schools.

Wikipedia - Article about Chinese languages and learning.

Zap Chinese - Common phrases with streaming audio; Writing instruction video demo.