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Chinese Tutoring Online

Although in-person tutoring is more common, online tutoring is often more efficient since there are less distractions, and more affordable since there is no transportation time.

Chinese Tutoring Online - Live online tutoring from

CafeMECX - Find a tutor. Fee and free options.

Chinese Horizon - Learn Chinese online or at their school in Beijing.

Chinese Hour - 1-on-1 tutoring sessions for Mandarin Chinese with native teachers.

Chinese Town - Tutoring by experienced professionals and Chinese university graduates. - Private tutoring for adults, kids, schools, and corporations.

ChineseTime - Includes 1-on-1 lessons via Skype. - Live teachers from Beijing.

CN Classroom - Choose a tutor from a list and meet in their online classroom.

eChineseLearning - Live teachers from China for adults, kids, schools, and corporations.

GuavaTalk - 1on1 live teaching online. Some free video lessons.

Hello! Mandarin - Beijing online school of Chinese language.

OLA Chinese - Online Mandarin lessons from Shanghai.

PRactice Chinese - One-on-one tutoring for Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghaiese.