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Chinese Characters - Tools and Tutorials

Learn to read and write Chinese - A free online beginner's tutorial.

MDBG Dictionary - Chinese-English dictionary with annotation and stroke info. - Extensive Chinese character information, samples, links.

Animated Characters - Learn to write Chinese characters with animated demos.

Read Mandarin - Online dictionary and products for learning to read Mandarin Chinese. - Article discussing the basics about Chinese characters. - Downloadable unicode Chinese fonts for Windows.

Annotation with sound - Online tool to annotate Chinese characters with pinyin and English.

Arch Chinese - Animates stroke orders. 4000 frequently used Chinese characters.

Character Converter 1 - Convert Chinese characters into images on the fly.

Character Converter 2 - Another version of the above character converter.

Character Tutorial - Videos to learn to read and write Chinese characters.

ChinaVoc - Chinese calligraphy information and instruction.

Chinese Character Canon - A poem of 4,000 characters covering 99% of modern Chinese (fee).

Chinese Character Database - Click the English link at top for the English version.

Chinese Characters Game - Match English and pinyin to Chinese characters.

Chinese Fonts - About Chinese fonts with links to free downloads.

Chinese Keyboard - Type Chinese on a virtual Chinese character keyboard.

Chinese Practice - Software for learning Chinese characters.

Chinese Proverbs - Learn Chinese characters by reading Chinese proverbs.

Chinese Text Initiative - Text samples of Chinese literature to practice reading Chinese.