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Chinese Characters - Tools and Tutorials

Learn Chinese Characters - Learn to read and write 4000 traditional or simplified Chinese characters.

Chinese Text Sampler - Reading samples from Chinese literature, songs, movies, etc.

Chinese Tools - Annotation - Create Chinese characters with pinyin/English annotation.

Chinese Tools - Converter1 - Convert simplified to traditional characters.

Chinese Tools - Converter2 - Convert traditional to simplified characters.

Clavis Sinica - Chinese reading and reference software (fee)

Frequency Statistics - Chinese character frequency lists.

InputKing - Online Chinese Character input system.

MandarinTools - Email Fixer - Online form to correct emails with corrupted Chinese characters.

MandarinTools - Number Convert - Convert numbers to Chinese characters an vice versa.

MinMM Writing Tutorial - Chinese writing rules, samples, and grids.

Morrison Collection - Chinese text samples/books from the 1800's

News in Chinese - Practice reading Chinese news with English annotations. Mirror Project - Learn to write Chinese with animated character demos.

Omniglot Cantonese - A selection of characters used in colloquial written Cantonese

Quick Mandarin CCVD - Chinese characters visual dictionary with pronunciation. - Enter a website url and see it annotated with English. - Chinese Novels. Not for beginners - no English is provided.

USC Chinese Dept - Chinese character animation package. Use online or download.

Word lists from ZDT - Useful lists of words that can be loaded into free ZDT software.

Writing Chinese - Show some of the basics for writing Chinese characters.

Writing Sheets - Chinese character writing sheets and reader in pdf format.