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Language Schools and Immersion Programs in China

Beijing Languages Plus - Beijing

China International Schools - Links to Chinese schools.

China Study Abroad - China

China Unipath - Shanghai

Chinese Language Education - Beijing

EaseChinese - Links to schools throughout China

East West Connection - Beijing

Global Exchange - Employment, university, and host family placement.

Hutong School - Beijing

iMandarin - Shanghai

Insight China - Homestay and internship programs.

Institute of Chinese Studies - Beijing

Keats School - Kunming

Konali Culture Exchange - Shijiazhuang

Lotus Education - Homestay placement.

Mandarin House - Beijing and Shanghai

Mandarin Rocks - Shanghai

My Study in China - Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese medicine, and martial arts.

New Concept Mandarin - Immersion program in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

PRC Study - Various Mandarin programs.

Shangri-la Learning Centre - Lijiang

Sino Language - Language and culture immersion programs. - Volunteer, intern, high school, and university programs.

Tainjin University of Technology - Tainjin

Teach or Study in China - Information about study and/or teaching in China.

The Boland School - Suzhou

Top Mandarin - Beijing and Shanghai

WorldLink - Language, internship, and martial arts studies.

Yao Mandarin School - Shanghai

Zhejiang Chinesetown Language Institute - Hangzhou