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Pinyin Tools and Tutorials

Convert Pinyin - Convert English numerical text to pinyin, and vice versa. - Extensive guide to writing Chinese with pinyin.

Chinese-Tools: Pinyin - Form to convert standard input to pinyin annotation.

Google Pinyin Inputer - Google toolbar that allows for typing of Chinese.

Google Pinyin Instructions - English translation of instructions for Google Chinese Inputer.

InputKing - Input pinyin to get traditional or simplified characters online.

InstantSpeak - Pinyin - General information about pinyin.

NewConceptMandarin - Another introduction to pinyin.

Omniglot Mandarin - Information about pinyin and other Romanization systems.

Pinyin Joe - How to setup your computer to input Pinyin.

Pinyin Practice - Mandarin pronunciation exercises and learning aids.

Pinyin Table - Click on pinyin to hear it pronounced in all 4 tones.

Pinyin Talker - Software converts numeric pinyin into spoken Mandarin (fee). Converter - Convert numerical pinyin to marked pinyin.

QuickPin - Software for easy online input of pinyin (fee).

Type Pinyin Online - Type 1,2,3, or 4 after a vowel to create pinyin marks.

Typing Pinyin - Discusses methods of typing pinyin with tone markers.